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The Diary of a Rum-Runner
by Alastair Moray

Paperback, 208 pages w/ photos
ISBN 978-0-9773725-6-1

The plain, unvarnished, day-by-day account of eleven months off New York with a Crazy Ship, a Mutinous Crew, Lurking Hijackers, and the Inquisitive Federal Authorities  

In the years of Prohibition (1920- 1933) it was illegal in the United States to sell, manufacture, or transport liquor. 
It was not illegal to buy or drink itand America was thirsty!   

In September 1923 Scotsman Alastair Moray set out from Glasgow on board the 187-foot, four-masted schooner Cask loaded with thousands of cases of fine Scotch whiskey.  The ship's destination was the United States, more precisely, three-miles off the coasta place known as Rum Row.  There Cask and her crew could remain beyond the reach of the law, open the holds, and sell their cargo to anyone who wanted to buy it. Cash Only!

Moray was the supercargo—the person who oversaw the cargo and handled the commercial transactions of the voyage.  The trip that was supposed to take
three-months lasted eleven, and Moray detailed each day's activity in brilliant fashion.

First published in 1929, The Diary of a Rum-Runner has been fully researched and updated with new information which confirms, and expands
upon, Alastair Moray's incredible, yet true, account of his time as a rum-runner.


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